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The Medical Device "Plug-and-Play" (MD PnP) Interoperability Program is promoting innovation in patient safety and clinical care by leading the adoption of secure patient-centric integration of medical devices and IT systems in clinical environments.


MD SHARP Page for AMIA13 session Nov 18, 2013

Medical Device SHARP (MD SHARP)
Description on ONC Page

MD SHARP is a U01 Project funded by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging & Bioengineering at the National Institutes of Health and adopted as an affiliate project of the SHARP program. The goal of the MD SHARP project is to develop a prototype health care intranet for medical device interoperability with improved health outcomes, which includes an open platform and tools to enable clinical application development. Our platform is being designed to be compliant with the ICE standard (Integrated Clinical Environment ASTM F2761).

Our Lab has been built-out with networked point-of-care medical devices, wireless and wired networking equipment, patient simulators, open-source standards-based device and data integration software, clinical data logging systems, and an RTLS system is available to collaborators.

MD PnP SourceForge public project contains open source code and documentation developed by the Medical Device Plug-and-Play program and its collaborators. In addition to code and documentation the MD PnP program maintains a continuous integration build of some of its demonstration software that is available for download and can be run on any Windows, Linux, or Macintosh computer.  The program also shares physiological data collected from devices in its interoperability lab with the community via SourceForge.

Available artifacts include clinical scenarios (use cases), implementations of various protocols used to connect with medical devices in the lab as well as implementations of user interfaces, messaging infrastructure, and data models built in advance of a prototype implementation of the standard for the Integrated Clinical Environment (ASTM F2761-2009).  Collaborators are also using the site to communicate with one another regarding current work.  For example, the Device Model Working Group has shared much of its current work on data models on the site.  Related work, such as substantial parts of the program's CONNECT 4.0 demonstration from HIMSS'13, is also available for download. 

We invite your questions and collaboration.
Julian M. Goldman, MD