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The Medical Device "Plug-and-Play" (MD PnP) Interoperability Program is promoting innovation in patient safety and clinical care by leading the adoption of secure patient-centric integration of medical devices and IT systems in clinical environments.



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MD PnP Program
65 Landsdowne St., Suite 200
Cambridge, MA  02139

Julian M. Goldman, MD
Program Director

Drayton Freeman
Program Assistant

MD PnP Research Demonstrations at NIH
August 21-22, 2013

The Medical Device Plug-and-Play (MD PnP) Program at CIMIT/Massachusetts General Hospital traveled from Boston to demonstrate an open test bed for medical device interoperability being developed under the NIH/NIBIB U01 Quantum Medical Device Interoperability Project (QMDI). The QMDI project has been developing this test bed (platform and tools) for use by the computer science and engineering research community, medical device manufacturers, and clinicians and hospitals to enable innovative clinical and engineering research to improve healthcare.

On August 21st and 22nd 2013 in the NIH EPN building, the team held presentations of clinical examples showing how clinical, research, and industry adoption of integrated clinical environments can improve patient safety and healthcare efficiency. Components of the system that are being developed with the support of NSF, DoD, and NIST were demonstrated as well. Click here for brief descriptions of the demonstrations.

We also shared technical demonstrations from a number of our program collaborators, including Anakena Solutions, DocBox, Intel, Kansas State University, Moberg Research, NIST, University of Illinois, and University of Pennsylvania.

Photos and materials from the sessions are below.