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The Medical Device "Plug-and-Play" (MD PnP) Interoperability Program is promoting innovation in patient safety and clinical care by leading the adoption of secure patient-centric integration of medical devices and IT systems in clinical environments.


MD PnP at HIMSS'13


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MD PnP Program
65 Landsdowne St., Suite 200
Cambridge, MA  02139

Julian M. Goldman, MD
Program Director

Drayton Freeman
Program Assistant

MD PnP collaborated with DocBox, Inc. on a technology demonstration in the ONC area of the Interoperability Showcase at this year's HIMSS 

The MD PnP program is developing a prototype medical device interoperability platform to host clinical apps, and with the demonstration, "Transferring Patient’s Device Settings between Care Environments," showed the importance of device data as part of national interoperability efforts. The demonstration showed connectivity between two ICE systems (standards-based Integrated Clinical Environments, in OR and ICU) and the NwHIN to automatically return current device data in response to a clinician query. The demo showed reading and changing of device settings, external query via CONNECT to TATRC test EMR, coordination between multiple apps, and coordination via CONNECT between a commercial ICE implementation and a research / rapid prototyping ICE implementation.
This demonstration utilized open-source Medical Device Coordination Framework (MDCF) provided by collaborators at Kansas State University.


Photos from the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase

MD PnP exhibit at HIMSS'13, demonstrating the transfer of patient data and device settings using Connect, IEEE 11073, and ASTM F2761 "ICE"


Doug Fridsma, Julian Goldman and Farzad Mostashari 
at the MD PnP exhibit at HIMSS

More photos of the Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS'13 can be found on Flickr 

Videos of this Clinical Scenario 

This scenario is covered in more detail in our NIH QMDI Clinical Scenario #2: Prepare ICU to Receive Post-OP Cardiac Patient. 

Watch videos of the current state and proposed state of this clinical scenario below.

Medical Device Interoperability: a wicked problem

Slides from Dr. Goldman's educational session, "Medical Device Interoperability: a wicked problem," can be found on the HIMSS website.

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